Blocked bath & sink drains need fast action to remove the drain blockage and hygiene problem. To unblock a sink, the drain engineer in Chelsea may require access to the main drain and sewer to remove the blockage in the drain quickly and hygienically.

Blocked Sink, Shower & Bath drains

Sink blockages are typically caused by soap, shampoo and hair that together block and seal wherever there is grip such as at pipe joints.

A blocked sink drain may be in the pipe underneath the sink and it may be unblocked using drain wire or light jetting. With a range of drain and sink clearance equipment your SW10 Drains engineer serving Chelsea, West Brompton and nearby London will clean the sink, shower or bath drain hygienically and leaving the pipework undamaged.

Most drain blocks can be cleared after a few tries with rods or pressurised drain jetters that are very effective in clearing blocked drains.

SW10 Drains uses a wide range of cleaning equipment varying from rods to wire to power-jetting. Our staff in Chelsea are experienced drain engineers with in-depth knowledge of pipe blockages and causes.

SW10 Drains will send our local drain cleaning specialist to give you a fast service.

A local drains engineer with local knowledge is economical and will unblock and clean the drain quickly and safely.

You pay the same amount only when the drain is cleaned!

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Blocked Drain Clearance in London

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